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Increase your revenue and grow your family child care home.

Join a cohort of family child care professionals and receive free software, coaching and more to grow your business and reduce your stress.
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Grow your family child care program and reduce your stress.

Operating a family child care home is hard work, but you don’t have to do it alone! Get access to 10 months of free business development training, business coaching, child care management software and a community to help you fill your seats and collect payments faster, streamline your time-consuming business tasks, and increase your bottom line.

Increase Your Revenue

Receive free coaching and training to help you with:
  • Managing your expenses
  • Tax management
  • Record-keeping
  • MD Excels, and more.

Automate your program operations

Get access to free child care management software which:
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Helps you collect tuition and fees on-time and online
  • Shares your up-to-date availability with families looking for care
  • Helps you communicate with parents on the go, offer digital check-in and check-out, and more.

Grow Your Business

Get support that helps you grow your business and do more of what you love:
  • Create SMART Goals
  • Build a strong financial plan
  • Build a marketing plan to increase your enrollment
  • Develop a website to increase your online presence
  • Prepare for upcoming tax seasons, and more.
  • Build a retirement plan, and more.

Get Started Now


Fill out the simple application form to help us learn about you and your program.


We’ll have a 20-30 minute call to discuss your business goals.


If accepted, you’ll get set up with your free tools, coach and cohort.

happy clients

“From more than 25 years we have provided a full set of services that cover all of our client's needs in a efficient and friendly way, we invite you to join us.”

Margaret bush | home buyer
happy clients

“From more than 25 years we have provided a full set of services that cover all of our client's needs in a efficient
and friendly way, we invite you to join us.”

Roger Thompson | home buyer
happy clients

“From more than 25 years we have provided a full set of services that cover all of our client's needs in a efficient and friendly way, we invite you to join us.”

silvia penn | home buyer

What We'll Ask of You

Commit to using new software that will reduce your to-dos and provide your coaches with business data to help you reach your goals.
Have continuous, open dialogue with your new coach. The more open you are, the more the coach can support.
Engage and connect online with your professional cohort. This is a group that you can lean on for the good and the bad.

You have questions, we have answers!

What is this program?

This is a free 10-month program created to help you and other family child care programs across Maryland make more money, reduce your administrative task list, and relieve the stress that running a business can bring.  If accepted, you’ll be a part of a cohort of other Family Child Care professionals and business coaches to help you refine your business goals, develop a marketing strategy, implement software tools, and find ways to increase your revenue and bottom line.  This program consists of 57 hours of business training, access to business coaching, and the use of a child care management system designed to help you streamline your business practices.  

Is this really free?

Yes, it is free for 10-months, and you will always be connected to your cohort. if you choose to continue with the software once this program ends, you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

What are the qualifications?

You must:

  • Be a family child care business owner
  • Be in business for at least 12 months
  • Actively participate or are willing to enroll in EXCELS (at any level)
  • Have participated in past trainings and/or feedback opportunities with a Child Care Resource & Referral Agency
  • Have a mobile phone
  • Agree to participate in the program for 10 months (as long as you are in business)
  • Have at least one child enrolled in your program who is not your child.

I’m just getting started -- do I need this?

The Child Care Boost program is open to all family child care owners/directors to help you build on the foundation you’ve already created. As long as you have been in your role for at least 12 months you are encouraged to apply.

I’m worried that the technology will be too complex for my program.

We’re providing simple, fast and free software to help you manage your program from a cell phone, computer, laptop, or tablet. The software was designed for and is used by hundreds of family child care providers across the UnitedStates.   We will also provide you with training and support every step of the way to help you learn how to use it from onboarding to implementation.  

I don’t have a computer device or lap-top, can I still apply for this program?

Yes, in addition to the software listed above, we will provide you with a choice of free equipment that you can use during this 10 month program.  

I'm not organized enough -- I’m embarrassed to have someone else see my information.

We understand how challenging it can be to stay on top of all of the administrative demands of your business.  If your files are unorganized then you need the help of automation and a Business Coach!  No judgement - just help in tidying up your operations and reducing your administrative burdens.

I don’t have time to learn how to do this.

This program will save you time for years to follow by putting in some extra time up front.  You should expect to spend 3-4 hours per week from September through December on business training and learning to use the software.  Beginning in February, you should only need to dedicate 4 hours per month.  Following this 10 month program, you will have learned how to save time using the software and training to support your business and you will grow your bottom line.  

English isn’t my native language.

We have program staff and coaches who are Spanish-speaking. And the software is available in Spanish.

Why did you create the Child Care Boost program?

Child care is an essential service, and COVID highlighted this and the fact that child care programs need more support to survive and thrive. So Maryland Family Network created the Child Care Boost program, and multi-county support system in partnership with child care resource referrals and child care advocates. Our mission is to help you build a sustainable business, increase your revenue, and get rid of business struggles that keep you from growing.

Do we have to use the Child Care Management Software to participate?

Yes, we will partner with you as you learn how to use a software program.  This business support will help us receive data we need to help you stay full plus you will gain time to commit yourself to the parts of your business that you absolutely love!  

By participating in this program, is my data safe?

Yes!  The only individuals who will have access to the data that you share is our business coaches and the coordinators of the program.  Any data used for reporting purposes is aggregated, not individual; thus, you will not be tied to anything reported.  Personal information is not shared with MSDE or the Office of Child Care. In addition, any information stored in the child care management software program is protected by technical, administrative, and physical safeguards.  You will select your own password to securely sign into the platform.  We will not have access to your account in any form.

Do we have to pay for the child care management software program after the program is over?

Yes, During the 10 -months of the program, our goal is to help you increase enrollment and revenue so you can afford the cost of the child care management software once the program has completed.  After the program concludes, you will have the option to continue the service at your own cost.

Does the child care management software program allow entering of immunization records of children?

It does! This software helps with enrollment management, paperwork management, attendance tracking, billing, parent communication, lesson plan management, and more.

Does the child care management software program software allow me to print my attendance records with a parent signature?

Yes, you can download a pdf. Document of your monthly attendance that contains the parent signature.

Will we be responsible for a lot of homework?

We expect that you’ll spend about 10 hours a month on the program, including time with your cohort and your coaches. There will not be a lot of homework, but you will have tasks to help you grow your business.

Do you provide content and curriculum for child care?

Your local Child Care Resource and Referral Center is heavily involved in this project, and provides support and resources around quality, content, best practices and more!

If I’m not chosen for this pilot, will there be another opportunity to join?

There will be a second cohort for center-based providers at a later date. Our goal is to grow this program to be able to offer it to more family child care home providers and centers at a later date, but this is contingent on us receiving additional financing. We will try our best to grow this program and support more of you!

Which days will the cohort meet?

Most training is held on Tuesday evenings.  There will be some occasions where you will meet with your cohort and coaches on a different day but these will be scheduled up front. We will provide you with an entire schedule.  

What incentives will I receive by participating in this program?

We value your time and commitment to this program. Our goal is that you’ll save time and energy on completing business related tasks after completing this program. You will also gain enrollments and increase your profitability.  In addition, you’ll receive the following:

  • Choose a new piece of technology (laptop, tablet, printer)
  • Child Care Management Software Program
  • 45 Hours of Continued Training in professionalism
  • Up to 45 hours of Continued Training in Professionalism will be earned through this 10-month program
  • 1 year membership to NAFCC.  

More Questions? Attend an information session to learn more about the program and ask questions.

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